When you link your platform, the first thing we do is read the list of available attributes so that you can import your products with their attributes including brand and EAN code.

Sometimes this is not possible because the platform gives us an empty list of attributes and for this reason we alert you with the error "No attributes available" during onboarding.

To solve the problem, just make sure that your platform has enabled the two basic attributes that we require during import, the brand and the EAN code.

Some platforms have them by default, while others require the installation of additional modules (for example WooCommerce) which, however, do not extend the API showing this information, and for this reason, even if you see those attributes in your control panel, we are unable to read them.

If you are unable to expose the required attributes in any way, the best thing to do is to create a CSV / XML feed with your products inside and use this method to send us your catalog.