To connect your Prestashop, you just need enter the URL of your store (example: and the API key that you can generate from your control panel, let's see how.

Log into your Prestashop administration panel and click on the "Advanced Parameters" side menu and click on the Webservice sub-menu.

Click on the button at the top right "Add a new webservice key".

Once you have entered the API Key creation page, click on "Generate" and you will see an alphanumeric number appear, that is your API Key that you can use on eCommerce UK to connect your store and import your offers. In the description field you can enter the text you prefer, we recommend "eCommerce Network" so you can remember why you generated that key.

Further down the page you will have a list of permissions that can be added or removed from your API Key. Here is the list of those you will need to select to make the integration with eCommerce UK works.

  • categories
  • combinations
  • configurations
  • countries
  • currencies
  • image_types
  • images
  • languages
  • manufacturers
  • product_customization_fields
  • product_feature_values
  • product_features
  • product_option_values
  • product_options
  • product_suppliers
  • products
  • shops
  • stock_availables
  • stock_movements
  • stocks
  • stores
  • suppliers
  • tags
  • tax_rules
  • taxes
  • warehouses

Please remember to click on the "View (GET)" checkbox to provide us read-only data.

Once the configuration has been saved, you can copy your KEY from the summary page

and paste it on eCommerce UK to continue with the import of the products.