If you are a web agency or simply if you manage the marketing activities of your customers who have an e-commerce store, the agency panel is right for you.

By registering as an agency you can:

  • Earn money on each new customer activated
  • Manage all your customers in one place
  • Centralize billing
  • Impersonate customer's account
  • Manage advanced aspects of tracking

Registering is free, just flag "I am an agency" during registration and we will generate an agency code so that every new client you register will be assigned to you.

How to register your customers?

Open the "Agency" section and you will see your customers listed if you already have them or the "Add new customer" button if you have not yet added one.

Click on the button and add the new user data.

Once registration is complete, you will see the user appear in your customer list.

How can I help my client if he has a problem with his account?

The agency panel has a handy "Impersonation" feature that allows you to log into your client's account as if you had logged in regularly with his or her credentials.

To do this, just click on "Open this account", under each customer's card, in the customer list.